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As mentioned in previous posts, it is hard to define what makes the “perfect” September Project event.  There are no set templates when it comes to designing a good activity, book display or community project.  But from looking at past TSP events, some of the most interesting projects capture the surrounding culture and history of the region.  They inform the community about important topics such as health care, freedom of the press, and sustainability.

In 2008, the BUS-eum of the TRACES museum in St. Paul visited the North Dakota State College of Science.  The TRACES museum deals with a variety of different aspects concerning World War II.  For this exhibit, they focused on Nazi prisoner of war camps that were established in the U.S (Three of these camps were in North Dakota).

The Mildred Johnson Library sponsored the exhibit and also designed a book display about Nazi P.O.Ws.  The display had books by Nazi prisoners and included information about banned books and Constitutions Day.  This TSP event had special relevance at the time due to the troubling news stories about detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

This is just one of the many great events that have been done for The September Project.  When designing events, we encourage librarians to be as creative as possible and to try new ideas!

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